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Department of Quantitative Biomedicine

The Bodenmiller group develops DNA-barcoded signal amplification for imaging mass cytometry

DNA-barcoded signal amplification for imaging mass cytometry enables sensitive and highly multiplexed tissue imaging

See Hosogane et al., Nature Methods

In this work, the Bodenmiller group extends Imaging mass cytometry (IMC) to low-abundance markers through incorporation of the DNA-based signal amplification by exchange reaction, immuno-SABER. Using this novel method, the tumor immune microenvironment in human melanoma was analyzed by simultaneous imaging of 18 markers with immuno-SABER and 20 markers without amplification. SABER-IMC enabled the identification of immune cell phenotypic markers that are not detectable with IMC alone.

Fig 1c. Images of sections of a mixed cell pellet stained with CD3 (yellow), CD20 (magenta) and keratin (cyan) with SABER-IMC with the indicated rounds of amplification, with standard IMC, or with isotope-tagged secondary antibody-based amplification. © The Authors, 2023