The DQBM Junior Scientist Organisation (short: DQBM JUSCOR) is the junior scientist organisation of the Department of Quantitative Biomedicine at the University of Zurich.

Our goal is to:

  • Increase inter-lab communication and collaborations
  • Be the go-to point for requests and wishes of DQBM's junior scientists 
  • Enhance the education of DQBM's junior scientists by organising scientific events
  • Ensure that new DQBM members receive all information and the best start possible
  • Maximize the voice of the DQBM in University politics

We are convinced that by having a strong voice as junior scientists, we can shape our future in academia, increase the quality of our education and help to create a fun, constructive and efficient work and social environment at the DQBM.


The board of the DQBM JUSCOR is composed of PhD students and Postdocs of the different labs at the DQBM. We organise events, social gatherings and are the go-to point for any wishes, request and concerns for the Department. We help new members to acclimatise easily and support them with all information needed from the Department, University and the life-style in Zurich. We meet to discuss the different points at least every two weeks, in busy times even once a week. Do you want to help shape this organisation, be involved in all decisions and be part of a fresh, nice and constructive community? Just write an email to juscor@dqbm.uzh.ch.

Active members

All PhD students and Postdocs affiliated either with the UZH or ETHZ can become an active member of the DQBM JUSCOR. As an active member, you will have the right to vote during the DQBM JUSCOR General Assembly (held yearly) and you can help participate and shape events and seminars.
If you are interested in becoming an active member of the DQBM JUSCOR, please write an email to juscor@dqbm.uzh.ch.

Passive members

Every member of the DQBM is automatically a passive member. This includes the PIs, lab technicians and managers, research associates, managing, administration and IT staff, bachelor and master students of the Department. We do not only represent the junior scientists, but also all the passive members. If you have any concerns, wishes or requests, we are also here for you! Do not hesitate to contact us under juscor@dqbm.uzh.ch.