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Department of Quantitative Biomedicine


research overview

At the DQBM, we aim to combine basic research and the development of novel quantitative methods for the molecular analysis of patient samples, with translational research and the development of medical informatics.

DQBM's individual research groups cover a wide variety of topics ranging from neurodegeneration and single-cell regulatory systems underlying cancer development, to evolutionary microbiology and bioinformatics. Our ultimate goal is to create strong synergies and to combine the individual expertise to drive the translation of new knowledge and methods into innovative applications in precision medicine, for the direct benefit of patients (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 1: DQBM brings together basic researchers, data analysis experts and translational scientists to create synergies and interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of quantitative biomedicine.

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Scientific Guests and Affiliated Researchers

Affiliated Researcher:
Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch (ZHAW)

Affiliated Researcher (Teaching):
Prof. Dr. Philipp Fürnstahl (MeF)

Scientific Guest:
Dr. Geraldine Liot, CEA Paris-Saclay