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Research Summary Joller Lab

Our understanding of host-pathogen interaction is primarily derived from studying how the immune system protects us from a single pathogen. In contrast, it is largely unknown how this response alters the body’s ability to respond to a second infectious agent or the susceptibility to autoimmunity or cancer. Our goal is to investigate the long-term effects of pathogenic challenges on future responses. Currently, we are focusing on changes in the regulatory compartment of the adaptive immune system. 

Specifically we aim to:

  1. Analyze how regulatory T cell (Treg) function and the composition of the Treg compartment are affected by different types of infections;
  2. Determine how alterations in the Treg compartment affect susceptibility to infections and autoimmunity;
  3. Investigate how previous infections affect the susceptibility to an unrelated secondary challenge (read our recent review);
  4. Investigate how co-inhibitory receptors affect immune control of pathogens.

To achieve this goal we use a wide variety of techniques including:
transcriptomics, high dimensional flow cytometry, in vitro and in vivo immunological assays, animal models (infectious and autoimmune).

Short CV Nicole Joller

Since 2022 Professor for Immunology, DQBM, UZH, Switzerland
2014-2021 SNSF/ERC Assistant Professor, Institute for Experimental Immunology, UZH, Switzerland
2009-2014 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School; Brigham & Women's Hospital; Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; Boston, USA
Prof. Dr. Vijay Kuchroo
2004-2008 PhD in Immunology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Annette Oxenius
1998-2003 Diploma in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry), ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The following funding agencies support the Joller group:

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