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Department of Quantitative Biomedicine


Paul Büschl

  • PhD candidate
Department of Quantitative Biomedicine, Schmelzbergstrasse 26, 8006 Zürich
Room number
SHM26 D3

Hi! I'm Paul, a doctoral candidate under the proficient guidance of Prof. Dr. Bjoern Menze and Prof. Dr. César Nombela-Arrieta. My fascination with the intersection of healthcare and technology drives my research, which focuses on the development of powerful, fundamental and efficiently generalizable machine learning algorithms for the biomedical sector.

Currently, I am working on several exciting projects covering heterogeneous graph learning, causality in machine learning, unsupervised and self-supervised learning, as well as some segmentation parts for 3D image datasets.

Before embarking on my PhD journey, I completed my Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where my major was medical engineering and IT security.