2022 Speed Collaborating

The University of Zurich is home to a vast variety of research labs in multiple fields. Working at the cutting edge of science, we often come across challenges that can be resolved by looking at the problem through a different lens.

As members of the interdisciplinary Department of Quantitative Biomedicine (DQBM), we have realised that it can be essential to adopt other methods or gain a perspective from someone outside our field to push our innovative capabilities further.

As the name suggests, Speed Collaborating gives each participant a short amount of time (10 mins per round) to speak with another participant in order to find a potential collaboration. Thus, they discuss their area of research, their project, and maybe even a specific issue they need help with. Once the buzzer goes, they move on to the next participant. At the end of 10 such rounds, there is a chance that one pair has found a match and can start a collaboration together.

To evaluate the success of the event, we will award the most convincing collaboration. To understand the relevance of the event for the junior researchers, we will follow-up on their collaborative work 6 months after the event.