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Department of Quantitative Biomedicine



During the year we hold TGIFs. These small department parties are the perfect occasion for everyone from our department to get to know each other better and foster exchange across labs, talk about science and beyond, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Our TGIFs always include some fun games, food, and plenty of drinks.

General assembly

The general assembly is held annually. During this event we revise the past year of our organization and its financial situation. Furthermore, we have board member elections and a discussion on the future direction and development of our organization. The general assembly is open to the public, however, only junior scientists of the department have the right to vote. After the official meeting we come together for an Apéro to further discuss the elections as well as our organization in general.

Welcome events

To ensure that all new DQBM members have a good start we organize a welcome event twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. These meetings are open to all newcomers at our department, not only to junior scientists. They are supposed to provide you with some essential information regarding our Department, the University of Zurich, Zurich as a city and even Switzerland. The official part is followed by a small Apéro so that you already get to know some other newcomers and DQBM members.


We organize workshops and seminars at different times throughout the year. Their goal is to provide information for careers, research methods and so on and advance skill sets of our department members. While some seminars are exclusively for junior scientists of the DQBM, others are open to all department members.

Weiterführende Informationen

Events 2022

08.04.22 - Easter TGIF

25.03.22 - Welcoming event  

15.07.22 - Summer TGIF

23.09.22 - Welcoming event

11.10.22 - General Assembly

28.10.22 - Halloween TGIF

02.12.22 - Christmas Dinner

Events 2021

26.03.21 - Easter TGIF

30.04.21 - Welcoming event  

16.07.21 - TGIF

24.09.21 - UZI5 welcome event

19.10.21 - General Assembly

29.10.21 - TGIF

26.11.21 - Welcoming event

10.12.21 - Christmas Dinner (cancelled)