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Department of Quantitative Biomedicine

Open Science - Video Library

Freely accessible online talks by members of the DQBM

Learn more about our research through the collection of freely available online videos:

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Medicine

Residual learning for 3D motion corrected quantitative MRI: Robust clinical T1, T2 and proton density mapping
08/2021 - Carolin M. Pirkl (Menze group) at Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 2021 

Feedback Graph Attention Convolutional Network for MR Images Enhancement by Exploring Self-Similarity Features
08/2021 - Xiaobin Hu (Menze group) at Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 2021

Wie Daten und künstliche Intelligenz die Medizin von morgen prägen
05/2021 - Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Krauthammer's Introductory Lecture at UZH

Keynote: AI Support in the Clinic - Prof. Dr. Michael Krauthammer
04/2021 - Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Krauthammer at University Hospital Zurich “Clinics Meets Bioinformatics” Symposium

Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin
02/2021 - Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Krauthammer's Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Winterthur Vortrag

Cancer, multiplexed imaging and precision medicine

Analysis of tumor ecosystems towards precision medicine
04/2022 - Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller's 'Einführungsvortrag' at ETH Zurich

Science stories Bernd Bodenmiller
03/2022 - Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller for EUGrantsAccess

Highly multiplexed of in situ tumor ecosystems towards precision medicine
11/2021 - Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller's Spatial Biology Seminar

Uncovering Cellular Networks
04/2021- Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller at Fluidigm's Hyperion launch event

Multiscale analysis of in situ tumor biology towards precision medicine
09/2020 - Prof. Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller at the Spatial Omics Seminar Series

Data analysis tools

METGAN: Generative Tumour Inpainting and Modality Synthesis in Light Sheet Microscopy
11/2022 - Izabela Horvath (Menze lab) ComputerVisionFoundation Videos

Visualization and analysis of highly multiplexed imaging data
03/2022 - Dr. Nils Eling's (Bodenmiller lab) Center for Computational Biomedicine Seminar

Visualisation of highly multiplexed imaging data in R
08/2021 - Dr. Nils Eling's (Bodenmiller lab) Bioconductor package demo session

Immunology and infection biology

Turbocharging the Human Immune System to Better Fight Bacterial Infections
08/2016 - Prof. Dr. Nicole Joller at the World Economic Forum

TheTregMovie - Helen explains regulatory T cells

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Magdalini Polymenidou NIH - Science Stories

12/2022 - Prof. Dr. Magdalini Polymenidou for EU GrantsAccess

#NCCRWomen: Magdalini Polymenidou, biomedical scientist
06/2021 - Prof. Dr. Magdalini Polymenidou for NCCR Women

Aggregation-dependent and independent mechanisms of toxicity in TDP-43 and FUS proteinopathies
12/2020 - Prof. Dr. Magdalini Polymenidou at Symposium on ALS, University of Zurich